Human Resources 2016: Year in Review

The function of human resources is constantly growing and changing. This infographic is great for a quick low-down on the evolution of HR over the past ~150 years. HR has
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Skill and Personality: Integrating Factors in Hiring Decisions

  Can a personality assessment be of use in a heavily skills-based industry? Absolutely. The perfect job candidate is not always made up of one skill or trait. Like many
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Soft Skills Training: What Is It & Why Does Your Team Need It?

  When it comes to customer service training, the majority of businesses place a strong emphasis on developing so-called “hard skills”. After all, these are the specific technical skills that
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The Issue with the Interview: Confirmation Bias

How trusting your gut is hindering you from making the best hiring decisions     Often, the interview stage is considered a pivotal step in the traditional hiring process. While
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What Can We Learn from the Chicago Cubs about Building a Winning Team?

After 108 long years, the Chicago Cubs have won the World Series Title. Can we sit and assess exactly why the long drought? Actually, yes, we can. For most of
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Is a bad hire hurting your ROI?

ROI…aka return on investment. This number can either shake you to your core or lead you to celebrate. Understanding the ROI in your business can mean the difference between success
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Are ‘Soft Skills’ in Short Supply or Do You Need to UP Your Game?

Recently a survey was conducted by the Wall Street Journal where nearly 900 executives were polled.  An overwhelming 92% of those executives said that soft skills were equally important or
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How Plum and Greenhouse Work Together: A Look Under the Hood

          Lately, I am getting questions around ‘how does Plum and Greenhouse work together’. I started to explain it as the questions came, and then I
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Moving on Up!

The day our team has anxiously been waiting for has arrived. We moved from our old 900 sq ft office to our new space with over 3000 sq ft of
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Walking on Eggshells in Iron Boots: Insensitivity in the Workplace

  Everyone has good and bad days; some have more bad than good. In a workplace, the personalities and moods of one person can affect others around them. We have
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