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Reduce Turnover by Hiring for Fit Part 2 of 2

Sonia Varkey
Published September 30, 2015

When Plum presented at DEMOTraction, we had many companies commenting that our insights into the hiring process were bang on: resumes and interviews haven’t helped to reduce turnover. Companies are still hiring people who don’t fit – they don’t have the right attitudes and behaviors needed to be successful in a particular job.

There are many tools out there as psychometric testing grows in popularity. As an advocate of matching candidates to the right position, here are some key features to look for to eliminate bias in the hiring process.


What to look for when enhancing your hiring process for matching candidates to the role:

  1. The tool should identify the unique behaviors and traits needed to be successful in that role as well as the company culture. For example, how do they handle tasks and priorities, how to they handle criticism, how do they communicate with others. The candidate should be matched based on those needs because this is how they will behave in the role.
  2. The system should be validated. Look for EEOC compliant questions that cover the entire spectrum of behavior such as “Do they have a high work ethic? Are they detail oriented? and much more. Questions like this also reduce gaming as there is no right or wrong answer. The questions are evidence based which remove some of the bias, as employers will be able to learn what intrinsically makes up a candidate.
  3. It should screen for intelligence. If it can screen for intelligence and social intelligence, then the system can provide you with insights into how they learn while on the job and how they interact with others. This is important to determine how will they handle new tasks and socialize within your work environment.
  4. Can integrate within the existing hiring process. Whether you use an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) or have a Human Resources team of one, the pre-employment assessment tool should add value to the hiring process. Use the tool to screen all applicants before the interview to reduce the bias and also help funnel through the top qualified candidates to the hiring manager. Use resumes and interviews to dive deeper into a candidate’s accomplishments and skills.

Companies at DEMOTraction agreed that it’s time to move from a subjective hiring process to an objective data matching solution. The business world is looking for innovative ways to handle problems. Psychometric assessments are tool to reduce turnover by matching a candidate to the right role.

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