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Your Team: Edward or Jacob?

Published November 19, 2012


We know what the first thing on your mind would be if brooding Edward or shirtless Jacob came sauntering into your office:

Who would I hire first?

Nailed it. Based on our in-depth knowledge of these two characters and how we think they would perform on a test, here are their results:

Edward Cullen


Problem solving: High

Edward is observant, and ever calculating. He is sort of a know-it-all. Technically this is difficult to answer as he is a mind reader. He would be able to out think anyone, as long as they weren’t blocking his thoughts

Conscientious:  High

Edward has good intentions and wants to do right. His competitive nature shows that he is achievement oriented and out to reach his goals. He is mature (come on, he should be, he is 140 years old) and loyal and will make sure he follows tasks up to completion.

Agreeable: Low

Outwardly he is selfish and cynical. He cares little for anyone but himself. However, when he meets Bella, he is sensitive and caring towards her. It is important to note that because he won’t be working with or for Bella, his low agreeableness would dominate at any given workplace.

Stress Tolerance: Low

The darker side of being deep (read: the non-hot side) is the consistent state of melodrama. Things are not *that* bad, I mean he is an immortal, that looks like Adonis, has an adoring girlfriend, and light shines out of his face, for goodness sake. Yet, with Bella, he is jealous, overprotective, self-destructive, and controlling – all signs that a low emotional stability is dominating his personality. He feels out of control in the face of uncertainty and places his issues onto his girlfriend. Plus, he was a virgin for over 100 years – that would make anyone a little stressed.

Extroversion: Low

Self restrained and quiet, he had little to no friends in high school. Vampire rumors and their implications with the Cullen family proved that he didn’t need to go out of his way to get ignored, which didn’t seem to bother him at all.

Openness: Average

While he is creative in certain situations – he is musically inclined as a piano player and enjoys writing in his journals, he is also traditional and reserved in many others. He’d lived the same way for a century and only then did he did open himself to the idea of loving a human. He can accept change, but it takes him a really long time to do so.

Jacob Black


Problem Solving: Average

Let’s face it, he isn’t loved for his brains. He has been outsmarted by Edward all along. Jacob keeps trying with the nice guy routine, but just isn’t quick enough to outwit his nemesis to win the fair maiden’s heart. One could consider the imprinting on Renesmee a genius move, but alas, that was involuntary.

Conscientiousness: High

Focused on the prize, even though he is never achieving what he wants, he still is always trying. He stays vigilant beside Bella, even when she tells him she loves Edward. Stupidity? Maybe, but you have to give him credit for never giving up.

Agreeableness: High

Jacob is a people pleaser. Like every other cheerful person, he maintains a positive attitude that can only be brought down by the ‘coldest’ of people. He is a romantic and believes in giving everything to those he loves.

Extroversion: Average

While he is not the most outspoken, he will speak up when needed. He prefers to run in packs with his closest friends and family.

Stress Tolerance: Average

Normally, Jacob is hardly shaken by stress and turmoil, and a rock to those around him. However, the even temper is replaced by a hot-blooded, hot-headed temper when he shapeshifts. He’s the first to admit, you are not going to like him when he’s angry.

Openness: Low

He isn’t really creative enough to change up his routine. Same game, different movie. He even wears the same outfit (yes, yes, we know it’s because he ruins all his clothes by transforming, but really? Maybe a dark wash now and again?) He is adventurous and willing to explore the great outdoors, so there may be a creative streak in him, yet.

But who do you hire? They have equal strengths and weaknesses. They are both committed to their goals but usually only for personal gain.

Would you prefer the stalwart, unfriendly intellect, who would excel as a businessman but only if you could stand his cold, melodramatic and unappreciative nature? Or would you go with brawn over brains, for markedly less productive but more stable worker who doesn’t randomly move out of town or allow the wind to change his moods?

To perpetuate the question with no end – Team Edward or Team Jacob – frankly, this Team simply cannot choose.

You’ll just have to decide for us. Don’t worry, we’ll leave the door shut during the interviews.

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