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Download our Plum Overview PDF

Plum Overview

How Plum can work for you and your company.

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Download our Plum How it Works PDF

How Plum Works

How to fit Plum into your hiring process.

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Download our Plum Science Document PDF

Plum Science

Better understand the science behind the Plum Assessment.

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Download our Plum Managing Organizational Hiring Growth PDF

Managing Hiring Growth

Growth is awesome, but it has challenges.

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Download our Plum Personality and Performance Prediction Factors PDF

Plum Factors

An explanation of the 12 factors Plum analyzes.

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Recruiting ∓ Hiring 3.0 ebook

Recruiting & Hiring 3.0

The definitive guide on the new era of hiring.

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Plum Team Analysis

Plum Team Analysis

Let Plum give you the insights into your team.

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Andela Case Study

Case Study: Andela

How Plum helped this developer training program.

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Infographic on why resumes fail

Why Resumes Fail

An infographic about the ineptitude of resumes.

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View our Hiring Best Practices Guide

Hiring Best Practices

Tips on creating a consistent hiring process with Plum

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Plum assessment and EEOC Guidelines

Plum and EEOC Guidelines

How Plum works within the EEOC Guidelines.

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Download Plum's General Assessment Validity PDF

General Assessment Valididty

Understand how validation criterion effects assessments.

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Download the Plum Academy manual

Plum Academy

How to use the Plum Application

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