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Is a bad hire hurting your ROI?

Understanding the ROI in your business can mean the difference between success and failure. It’s easy for an organization to measure revenue and the hard costs associated with it. But
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How to Give Your Employees More Freedom (And Why It’s Important)

There’s no question that successful companies are backed in part by satisfied employees. This employee satisfaction may be the direct result of autonomy in the workplace: a recent survey found
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4 Tips for Effortlessly Onboarding Your Remote Staff

Every new hire should go through a systematic onboarding process. Many companies are opting for virtual employees. However, it can be difficult to connect with and motivate remote workers. Companies
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What To Ask & How: Guide To An Effective Interview

As part of a series on optimizing your hiring process, last week we covered some best practices for writing a job posting. Now onto step two: interviewing. Often, our interviewing
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How to Write A Top-Notch Job Posting

The time has come to expand your team – how do you go about finding your next star employee? Over the next few weeks, our blog will feature installments covering
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15 Actionable Employee Retention Strategies You Can Use Today

            This blog post was originally posted on December 14, 2016, on Jon Hainstock’s blog at Zoomshift     Do you have an employee turnover
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How to Tell if a Pre-Employment Assessment is Valid

An organization’s success is driven by acquiring top talent. Over the past 10 years, significant changes in technology have affected the way that companies are recruiting and hiring candidates. SHRM
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Human Resources 2016: Year in Review

The function of human resources is constantly growing and changing. This infographic is great for a quick low-down on the evolution of HR over the past ~150 years. HR has
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Skill and Personality: Integrating Factors in Hiring Decisions

  Can a personality assessment be of use in a heavily skills-based industry? Absolutely. The perfect job candidate is not always made up of one skill or trait. Like many
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Soft Skills Training: What Is It & Why Does Your Team Need It?

  When it comes to customer service training, the majority of businesses place a strong emphasis on developing so-called “hard skills”. After all, these are the specific technical skills that
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