How Plum Works

From your Applicant Tracking System or the Plum Application, applicants are prompted to take the Plum Applicant Survey (our pre employment test) as part of the application process. This is top-of-the-funnel, so every one of your applicants will be asked to take the survey.

The Plum Employer Survey is completed by your hiring managers, allowing your team to quickly determine the needs for each role, beyond just skills.

Plum’s algorithm combines the results from both surveys, giving each applicant a Match Score and creating an instant shortlist.

How Plum works Step 1: Take Plum Employer Survey to better understand ideal role fit for your applicants.

Step 1: Plum Employer Survey

Create a position and have your team complete the Plum Employer Survey. In just under 8 minutes, we will know what match criteria you are looking for and what makes up an ideal candidate for your unique role.

How Plum works Step 2: Post/Share job post for candidates

Step 2: Post Your Job

Share and post the link to the pre-employment assessment generated for your job to allow applicants to take the Plum Applicant Survey. On average, candidates will spend 25-30 minutes to complete the assessment.

How Plum works Step 3: Review and compare your employment candidates

Step 3: Shortlist

Review your Match Score shortlist based on the applicants' survey results and the match criteria derived from your Employer Survey.


As more applicants apply, your shortlist grows based on those that match. No more piles of resumes! Hooray!


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Ryan Barton, CEO of mainstay Technologies, extolls the virtues of Plum

With Plum, we have a predictive hiring tool that actually works.

Ryan Barton - CEO, Mainstay Technologies

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