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How do you stand out from the rest of the job seekers? You’re a talented shining star but how do you get the employer to see that? The resume is a part of the process that showcases your experience and skills. Take your job search another step beyond the resume and show employers who you really are.

Vetted by science, the Plum Discovery Survey can credential you for your priorities and identify your strengths. All it takes is approximately 25 minutes to find out what your strongest behavioral traits are, the types of environments you’re best suited for and more importantly take steps to apply for jobs that offer you the perfect environment.

Plum Talents

Plum Talents

Take the Plum Discovery Survey now and see how you stand out from the rest. Plum will provide you with a profile that you can post on your social networking sites showcasing to employers what makes you a unique and an amazing asset. All it takes is around 25 minutes, try it now for free.

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