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What is Plum? We're Moneyball for Hiring!

Watch why you need Plum

We reveal the greatness in people to help your company succeed. Plum’s People Statement™ helps you evaluate all job applicants and internal team members to determine their potential to be successful in any role or team in your company, and successful people generate results.

Plum’s cloud based hiring solution assesses each job applicant’s problem solving ability and personality priorities, the main predictors of job performance, quickly identifying those candidates with the right fit. We test everyone; before any resumes are read, before you decide who to interview and it can’t be gamed by a candidate.

The results are then presented in our dashboard revealing the total applicant picture for easy comparison, allowing you to match your unique hiring needs with the top candidates.

The Plum People Statement

As a corporate leader you rely on your financial statements to show the health of your company but do you have a people statement to maximize your greatest assets?

Plum’s ‘People Statement’ gives you a critical snapshot of your people—current staff and new job applicants—with insights on their strengths and potential of your entire team

The Plum Dashboard – Your People Data and Actionable Insights Tool

Are you making people decisions based on data and actionable insights? Does a resume tell you who a candidate really is?

Plum’s intuitive and easy to use dashboard reveals the total candidate picture, providing you the ability to match your unique hiring needs and the top candidates - reduce your interview pool to only those candidates with the right fit.

"Not only has Plum made our recruiting 100x more efficient and effective, it's shined a light on undiscovered talents in our existing team. I can't imagine making a hire without it .”

"With Plum, they've trained faster, they're more competent in their job and we've seen a noticeable impact.“

Tony Brijpaul - Miovision Technologies, Talking about new hires using Plum

Deploy Plum in minutes – save time and save money

Deploy Fast

With Plum, you can set up your account in minutes. Add our "apply now" button to your job post or we can integrate with your company's ATS.

All applicants are then immediately directed to take our 30 minute assessment as part of their online application. Do you want to test your internal staff? No problem, you can email them your custom Plum assessment link. The results are immediately populated into our real-time dashboard.

Save Time

Plum will show your hiring managers who they should short list for interviews - making the hiring process more efficient.

Companies using our system tell us they read 80 percent less resumes, interview 60 percent less people, and are able to quickly identify the smart, hard-working employees who need less training time and deliver long term benefits back to the organization.

Save Money

Plum’s cost effective solution provides an immediate ROI for your company. The Plum process will save your company the financial and cultural costs of bad hires. On average, by avoiding one single bad hire, your company will recoup the cost of using our service for 5 years.

Statistically, the more people you assess, the better your chances are of finding that diamond in the rough. We offer an extremely affordable flat-rate monthly fee that allows you to test an unlimited number of job applicants.

Know your candidates, know your people

A resume is a job seeker’s marketing pitch, it’s not a reflection of who the job seeker is.

Knowing where your candidates have worked and what they have accomplished is important but what’s critical is knowing who they are, what are their strengths, will they fit your company culture, do they have the attributes to be a top performer for your company’s needs.

"89% of failed hires are due to attitude, not skill."

- Leadership IQ

Match unique roles to unique candidates

Every role you hire for has unique needs. Do you need a hire that manages stress well, someone who’s innovative, task oriented?

With Plum you know exactly what your candidates strengths are, allowing you to make that unique match that’s critical to a successful hire.

The Plum Success Manager

Your Plum Success Manager will help you use our tools to match your unique hiring needs and company culture to ensure you create the best candidate shortlist and guarantee a quality hire.

“Plum not only helps you hire the right candidate, it keeps you from hiring the wrong candidate."

Brandon Matheson, Editor in Chief - Pink Triangle Press