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The hiring process is failing you. 89% of turnover is due to attitude and behavior failure, NOT skill set. With Plum's next-gen pre-employment assessment, we match all of your applicants to the behavioral and intellectual needs of each role, which is critical to hiring for fit and future success.

“With Plum, we only have to interview applicants that are a good fit for our position.”

Jennifer Beall, CEO - Tot Squad

The hiring process can be a vicious cycle
Define Job Requirements

Define Job Requirements

Who will your next employee be? The job description often lays out what your company is looking for based on skills and experience, not fit.

With Plum
Our objective evidence-based employer surveys dig deeper. With our hiring assessment, we identify behavioral needs for each unique role, matching applicants who are the right fit; reducing turnover from the very beginning.


Reading Resumes

Applicants are selected based on resume screening of education, experience, and passion which are not proven predictors of workplace performance. Resumes don’t describe the attitudes and behaviors of the applicant. Add to that, 78% of resumes provide misleading information.

With Plum
Applicants who are the best match according to our pre-employment screening questions are identified based on intelligence and behavioral fit, the main predictors of workplace performance, before bias takes over.



Appearance, enthusiasm and likability greatly impact the selection process in an interview. Gut instinct takes over and tries to identify fit based on feelings.

With Plum
Interviewers are armed with Plum Match intel generated from the hiring assessment. Structured behavioral interview questions are provided to reveal more about the applicant and solidify fit. Bias is reduced and applicants are matched based on data into who they really are, not what they seem like in an interview.



The majority of pre-employment assessments have three glaring problems:

  1. Asking fake-able questions like “do you procrastinate, yes or no?”
  2. Not testing for intelligence
  3. Testing after shortlisting, leaving room for confirmation bias

With Plum
Plum’s pre-employment assessment can’t be gamed. We incorporate the full spectrum of behavior, as well as two types of intelligence. Our flat rate subscription reduces the barrier to assess all applicants at the front of the funnel using objective data to drive applicant matching.

Post Hire

Post Hire

Employee performance is related to job fit. Those that fit with the role, perform better, those that do not contribute to turnover.

With Plum
Hiring assessment data predicts the quality of hire to assure you that who you hired performs as expected.



The traditional hiring process is subjective and can be a gamble. Hiring the wrong person for the job leads to higher turnover rates. A lose-lose situation for both the employer and employee.

With Plum
Employees are matched based on objective, evidence based data that comes from our pre-employment screening assessment. The results are engaged employees, increased productivity and reduced turnover.

How it works

From your Applicant Tracking System or the Plum Application, applicants are prompted to take the Plum Applicant Survey—our pre-employment assessment—as part of the application process. This is top-of-the-funnel, so every one of your applicants will be asked to take the survey.

The Plum Employer Survey is completed by your hiring managers, allowing your team to quickly determine the needs for each role, beyond just skills.

Plum’s algorithm combines the results from both surveys, giving each applicant a Match Score and creating an instant shortlist. More...

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