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What's Wrong With the Hiring Process?

Have you ever hired someone who didn't turn out to be who you expected? Have you brought someone on based on their experience only to find that the fit is wrong? When over 80% of applicants mislead on resumes, and interviews favor only a certain group, it's virtually impossible to hire right.

What's more, education and experience are not predictors of job performance. In fact, a recent study showed that 89% of new employees are fired due to attitude, not skill.

With the Plum hiring solution, you can be sure who you are hiring is the right fit, based on their attitude and potential for your company.

Move Beyond The Resume

The Plum Discovery Survey identifies the critical information about your applicants that no resume will reveal. By using our employee assessment tools, you will see the entire behavioral spectrum of all of your applicants.

Plum also assesses for communication, hard working traits and problem solving ability; the main predictors of workplace performance.

Understanding Your Role

The Plum Role Analysis helps you, the hiring manager, articulate your needs for every position. With this quick survey, Plum compiles your list of criteria and matches your applicants to your results. A short list is created and you're on your way to interviewing candidates that are the right fit, every time.

Match Candidates With Your Role

Once completed, the Role Analysis and Discovery Survey are matched up in your custom, real time dashboard. The Plum Match Score compares all of your applicants to your Role Analysis results.

An efficient and easy to understand shortlist is available, instantly. How efficient? Our customers tell us that they spend 80% less time reading resumes, 60% less time interviewing, and turnover is down by over 25%.

“Plum not only helps you hire the right candidate, it keeps you from hiring the wrong candidate."

Brandon Matheson, Editor in Chief - Pink Triangle Press