Life at Plum

At Plum we are transforming the hiring process. We believe in the importance of building a team that is focused on creating a positive culture and being the right fit for your role. It’s about loving your job and being passionate about what you do.

Located in the heart of Downtown Kitchener, the Plum life is centered around loving what you do. Each day our team comes to work excited to collaborate, create and have fun doing it. We are looking for our next team member to join our growing team.

What can you expect working at Plum?

  • Competitive benefits
  • Flex time
  • Internal growth opportunity
  • Various Company Outings

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Business Development Representative

Plum is seeking a Business Development Representative to become a key member of our sales team. You will be responsible for developing and qualifying new revenue opportunities.

You will work closely with our Account Executives and the Marketing department to develop targeted strategies that drive opportunities for new business. If you are a highly motivated self starter, then we’d love to meet you!

Here’s what a Business Development Representative at Plum is responsible for:

  • Researching and building new accounts via email campaigns, strategic calling, and social networking
  • Conducting high level conversations with decision makers in prospect accounts
  • Qualify wants/needs of a prospective client and identify the fit/match for Plum
  • Creating a positive first experience with the Plum brand for potential clients
  • Documenting your success in CRM
  • Track activities and maintain relevant information in CRM
  • Achieving monthly quotas of qualified opportunities, pipeline attribution, and closed deals

You have experience:

  • B2B prospecting (bonus points for SaaS)
  • Building consultative relationships with senior level prospects
  • Communicating with potential or existing B2B clients with excellent written communication & professional phone calls
  • Executing; you get the job done
  • Explaining and presenting complex concepts in an easy to understand manner
  • Thriving in an entrepreneurial environment, evolving your role as the business grows
  • Thriving in a metrics-driven environment is an asset
  • Working with CRM (i.e. HubSpot)
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Customer Success Manager

The Customer Success Manager will be in charge of onboarding new clients and making sure that they're getting the most out of their Plum experience.

The goals of Plum’s Customer Success Management are:

  • Onboarding customer
  • Track usage and help develop new processes to increase efficiency
  • Reducing customer churn (renewals)
  • Increase upsells
  • Increase referrals
  • Helping capture more (and better) case studies and testimonials
  • Disseminating customer feedback into the organization (Voice of the Customer), particularly about our product
  • Proactively working with our customers toward their desired outcomes


Eager to learn all things "Plum"

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The objective is to create new compelling messaging for Plum’s new Suite of Products, create content that will help generate more leads for the sales team and to help create copy for Plum’s new products so they can be released to market faster. As a Copywriter, you will be working closely with the Director of Marketing on the creation of exceptional marketing content and product copy.

The range of copywriting activities consists of:

  • White papers & case studies
  • Scripts for demo and training videos
  • Weekly blogs and social media posts
  • Sales drip campaigns
  • Website messaging for Plum's upcoming products
  • Press releases
  • Optimizing online ads

You will work with our Product Director to produce copy for Plum’s new products: management guides, individual development plans, onboarding guides, culture and team reports

Qualifications & Experience:

  • Can convert even the most complex features into clear benefits and articulate the consumer story
  • Knows how to write compelling content
  • Have a creative mindset and skills in copywriting
  • Have a proven record of creating, monitoring, and optimizing marketing content
  • A passionate social media user and content creator
  • Able to multi-task, have excellent organizational and communication skills
  • Exceptional English writing skills for creating unique content
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About Plum

We are a four year old award-winning (Gold Stevie International Business Award 2015, CIX Top-20, 43North Winner, Buffalo 43North) startup, agile, have raving fans, customers, recurring revenue, a massive market, funding, coverage in WIRED and The Atlantic, widespread support across the United States, Canada, throughout Africa and many other emerging markets. Plum is on track to be a household name in a few short years, and finally, is extremely humble (cough). :)

For companies with too many applicants, Plum not only helps match for job fit and company culture, it is also the only tool on the market that identifies high potential applicants before anyone picks up a resume. Come help us bring real change to the traditional hiring process!