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Plum Wins $250,000 prize at Buffalo-based 43North competition

The Record | Oct. 29th, 2015

A local startup that uses cloud software, modern behavioural science and predictive analytics to pinpoint the best applicants for jobs — Plum — won $250,000 US Thursday evening in the 43North Business Competition in Buffalo.

“We are really honoured that out of the 11,000 companies that applied, we were able to get $250,000 from this competition,” said Caitlin MacGregor, a co-founder and chief executive officer of Plum.

Plum was founded by MacGregor, her husband Neil and Christine Bird, chief sales person. It developed cloud-based software that provides high-quality psychological testing that is used to quickly find the best candidates for jobs. Plum's software makes hiring an objective, data-based process.

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Plum's CEO Says Most Failed Hire Due to Attitude, Not Skill

Betakit | Apr. 5th, 2016


More companies are starting to embrace the value of hiring employees that have the potential to grow within a company culture, rather than trust a list on a resume.

43North winner closes on $1.3M in venture capital

Buffalo Business First | Jan. 30th, 2016

Buffalo Business First

One of the recent winners of the 43North business competition has raised nearly $2 million to finance its growth in the U.S., starting in Buffalo.

CIX TOP 20 Announced Ahead of November Event

Betakit | Oct. 14th, 2015


Earlier today, the Canadian Innovation Exchange rang the bell at the TSX in celebration of the CIX Top 20, a showcase of the most innovative technology companies across Canada.

The 55 Rock Stars of Waterloo

Cybernorth Ventures | Jun. 8th, 2015

Cybernorth Ventures

“We bootstrapped to over 80 paying customers with over 150 hires and over 30,000 applicants.”

GoToMeeting Five: A List of Canadian Startups You Should Be Paying Attention To

Techvibes | Apr. 30th, 2015

Techvibes Screenshot

Plum was chosen as one of five of the hottest and most promising tech startups across Canada.

5 Ways to Find and Hire Top Technical Talent

Entrepreneur | Feb. 6th, 2015

Entrepreneur. Screenshot

At Andela, we work with Plum, a firm that moves beyond the resume to assess attitude and aptitude. Plum analyzes the top skills needed for an open position and then evaluates candidates for those qualities.

5 Reasons to Hire for Potential Over Experience

Inc. | Dec. 12th, 2014

Inc. Screenshot

Plum Co-founder, Christine Bird, wrote this article on Inc. listing 5 reasons to hire for potential over experience.

Listen to Plum CEO Caitlin MacGregor and Co-Founder, Christine Bird, discuss Google 4 Entrepreneurs and Blackbox

570News | Sep. 4th, 2014

570News Screenshot

Plum Co-founders, Caitlin MacGregor and Christine Bird, talk about the Google 4 Entrepreneurs and Blackbox Programs on the 570News radio program.

Google and Blackbox select Plum for their 2014 fall entrepreneur program

PR Log | Sep. 2nd, 2014

Google/Blackbox Screenshot

In their joint mission to empower entrepreneurs worldwide, Google and Blackbox are bringing successful international startup founders to Palo Alto for a two week intensive program that serves as a link to Silicon Valley startup resources and as a springboard for launching their products in the US and scaling their companies globally.

Aon Launches Entrepreneurs in Residence Program to Empower Results for Women-Led Businesses

Aon | Jul. 9th, 2014

Aon Screenshot

"Labor is one of the largest expenses an organization faces and Aon and are dedicated to deploying the most effective people management tools," said Caitlin MacGregor, CEO of "Our engagement with Aon is a boon to our organizations as we work together to test new technologies for online pre-employment screening for large and small enterprises to ensure the right candidates are hired and productivity boosted."

Mashable - 10 Hiring Tips for Your Small Business

Mashable | Dec. 28th, 2013

Mashable Screenshot

(weeSpring CEO, Allison Downey) taps her hit list when she's ready to hire, but if she needs to cast a wider net, she uses [Plum], which provides stats on candidates based on problem solving, innovation, task management and other dimensions. "We've found it 100x more reliable than a resume screen — it's like Moneyball for hiring," says Downey.

Where Women Entrepreneurs Find A Springboard To The Big Leagues

Forbes | Oct. 30th, 2013

Forbes Screenshot

Men pitching for money are often charismatic, they’re great at pitching the sizzle, said Caitlin MacGregor, CEO and co-founder, [Plum], which is an assessment tool that helps companies identify people who are smart and hardworking and will align with its culture.

Job-search assistance for BlackBerry's 4,500 laid-off employees

Triangle Business Journal | Oct. 29th, 2013

Triangle Business journal Screenshot

Waterloo, Ontario-based [Plum] is offering up free access to its job search platform for displaced BlackBerry employees. The announcement comes as another 300 jobs were reportedly cut at the BlackBerry headquarters in Waterloo.

Waterloo Chronicle | Providing a Soft Landing for Former BlackBerry Employees

Waterloo Chronicle | Oct. 29th, 2013

Waterloo Chronicle Screenshot

Another 300 local BlackBerry employees are getting their walking papers this week as part of a company-wide restructuring that aims to reduce the tech giant’s workforce by another 5,000 people. Leading the charge is a tech startup out of the Communitech Hub called [Plum] which is offering online talent assessment service to former BlackBerry workers for free as a way help them better prepare for their job search.

Waterloo's [Plum] to Help Jobless Former BlackBerry Workers

Betakit | Oct. 24th, 2013

Waterloo Chronicle Screenshot

Plum’s CEO Caitlin MacGregor said that Waterloo is a closely knit technology community, and that it was important to extend the olive branch to the startup’s BlackBerry colleagues, before commenting on her company’s product.

intelligentHQ | Bold Women Big Ideas: Springboard’s 2013 Accelerator Program

intelligentHQ | Aug. 21st, 2013

The Wallstreet Journal Screenshot

Recently when Yahoo! floundered in terms of brand and direction, they turned to a woman for leadership. Over the last decade, the growth rate of women-led businesses was twice that of their male counterparts and the industries they were choosing to enter were the “non-traditional sectors” such as finance, manufacturing and technology.

The Globe & Mail | In BlackBerry’s hometown, startups await the next tech boom

The Globe & Mail | Aug. 17th, 2013

The Globe & Mail Screenshot

Whatever BlackBerry’s fate following its failure to mount a comeback in the smartphone space, the situation is certain to compound reductions in research and development among Canada’s technology giants, threatening what is often referred to as Canada’s Silicon Valley.

The Wallstreet Journal | BDC Venture Capital invests in [Plum] and others

WSJ | Jul. 15th, 2013

The Wallstreet Journal Screenshot

BDC Venture Capital is also investing $150,000 in five graduates of Kitchener-Waterloo-based Communitech HYPERDRIVE's April cohort (BeanEvo, ViewsIQ, Groupnotes, Dandy and Plum) and three companies who recently completed Toronto's Extreme Startups accelerator program (BRIKA, Instaradio and Koge).

Waterloo Incubator HYPERDRIVE Unveils Second Cohort

TechCrunch | Jan. 13th, 2013

The Atlantic Screenshot

Communitech Hyperdrive, a newer Waterloo-based incubator program that graduated its first cohort of startups last year, today unveiled the second class of companies that will be able to take advantage of its more than $30 million in available funding and network of entrepreneurs and mentors.

Watch Our Own Caitlin MacGregor on BNN's The Pitch

BNN | Dec. 7th, 2012

The Pitch Screenshot

Plum CEO, Caitlin MacGregor, was invited to pitch on BNN's The Pitch. Check out how she handled the three investor judges and positioned Plum as the only viable option for hiring top-performing employees.

Kill Your Resume: What About Using Science to Hire?

WIRED | Nov. 14th, 2012

Wired Article Screenshot

To those young graduates who are convinced a resume highlighting a comparative lit degree and fast-food work experience is holding them back from getting a real job, fear not. Startup Plum is offering an alternative to resumes in its pre-employment test...

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Plum identifies job applicants with the highest potential, matching them to your company culture and position. Using the science of psychology, our cloud based hiring solution assesses each applicant’s problem solving ability and priorities, before a resume is read.

Go beyond gut instinct, find the hidden gems and finally know how each candidate will perform months after being hired. Start using Plum today to establish a standardized benchmark for hiring, build great team dynamics, and scale your culture.

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